For Guys Only!

O.K. guys, here is the bottom mincing words.
If you didn't already notice, males are genetically engineered a bit differently from the female species.

It has been discovered that male chromosomes have what is termed anti-anniversary cerebral cortex syndrome.  This is a condition that, allowed to take its natural course will ultimately lead to shunning, death or social isolation.

There is a simple test you can take right now to see if you might be afflicted...
Follow these directions:

Take the Test!

Clue for Guys!

Women like flowers!
They like them fresh!
They like them often!

1.  Think of a significant other...
2.  Now immediately write down all of their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduation dates, first kiss dates.

There is Hope!

3.  Add any other significant event dates that you are supposed to remember.
4.  If you hesitated in the least, or God forbid you can't remember all of these historic occasions, then you most definitely have the disease.

Fortunately, scientists at the FlowerSource have  developed an experimental, but highly effective cure!

The No Brainer Flower Reminder Cure!

Click Here to take The Cure!  It's Free!
It's Painless!

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